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John Bucholtz is an Accredited Veterans Aid and Claims Representative
by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C.

Many people have tried to navigate the complicated process of applying for Veterans Benefits, only to find themselves frustrated by the mountain of paperwork.

Trust an accredited professional to help you (or Veteran family member) receive the benefits they may be eligible for, and so
rightly deserve

Who Qualifies for Aid and Attendance Benefits?
Any veteran who served in active duty domestically or overseas for 90 days or more, including at least one day during a Wartime, is eligible to apply for benefits as long as he or she was honorably discharged from the military.
Widows and widowers of veterans are also eligible to apply for these benefits.

What are the Current Benefit Payments?

A veteran and spouse may be eligible for monthly benefits of up to $2,169.00

A veteran may be eligible for up to $1,830.00 per month TAX-FREE.
A surviving spouse may be eligible for up to $1,176.00 per month TAX-FREE.

John Bucholtz
Proudly serving those who have served with integrity and respect.

• Accredited Veterans Aid and Benefits Representative by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C.

• Over 25 years of working with senior citizens.

• Works with veterans or veteran spouses with daily living difficulties, including those suffering with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s challenges.

• Serving clients nationwide.

• Provides a no obligation complimentary phone evaluation to determine if you or a loved one is eligible for benefits.

• References provided.

• Affiliated with the law offices of Mark Hartman, accredited VA Attorney in Elder Law and a member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys.


How is Need Determined?
Applicants must be compromised in at least two average daily living tasks. A wide range of physical and mental conditions are considered by the VA, but among those most common to be approved are:

• Requiring assistance with dressing or undressing themselves

• Requiring assistance with bathing and other hygienic tasks

• Requiring toileting assistance

• Requiring assistance with eating or meal preparation

• Difficulty with standing, balance, and mobility

• Requiring frequent assistance with the adjustment of any special prosthetic or orthopedic device

• Being legally blind in both eyes

• Any physical or mental incapacity requiring ongoing supervision to ensure safety and well-being

In addition other conditions and needs may be taken into consideration in determining benefit eligibility.


What Else Do I Need to Know?
Ask if a representative is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., and for proof.
John Bucholtz and Mark Hartman are not associated with any government agency or the Veterans Administration, other than both receiving their official accreditations, and cannot guarantee eligibility or monetary compensation from the Aid and Attendance Program.
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